In 2013, our company Alldental Travel was found, which mission is to welcome patients from other countries. The high quality of the offered dental services, the excellent specialists, and the high-tech equipment that we have, and the extremely competitive prices make Bulgaria, and in particular Alldenthal Clinic an excellent and competitive on the European market destination for dental tourism.

This set gave us the opportunity to serve hundreds of patients across the country and to establish ourselves as a leading and one of the first agencies in Bulgaria. Over the years, patients from England, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Norway, Scotland, Australia, the USA, Greece, and other countries have trusted the professionalism and individual attitude we put into each case and our patients.

At Alldental Clinic we perform all dental manipulations – the team of specialists who work are experienced and successfully followed cases over the years, focused in specialized areas of dental medicine. We have our own dental laboratory, and with our partners, we provide airline tickets, transfer, accommodation in a hotel or private apartment, transportation to the clinic, cultural and historical walks in and out of Sofia, SPA, skiing, sea vacation, golf or entertainment, and nightlife.

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Professional Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is the classic technique to create a beautiful smile with bright white teeth. It is a quick treatment with immediate results, which is one of the reasons for its surge in popularity. Our professional whitening systems are far more effective than anything you will find at your local store. All the products we offer have been proven safe and effective, and they provide long-lasting results.

12 zirconium crowns

Ceramic zirconium crowns are made of zirconium and coated ceramic. Zirconium crowns give incomparable aesthetic results. They are very strong and biocompatible, so it is possible for installing these crowns in any situation. Thanks to their strength they are used both for front and rear teeth. The crowns and bridges in zirconia are the most natural solution in implantology.

4 dental implants plus 12 fixed teeth

A suitable method of treatment for:

  • Patients with a bone loss
  • Patients in which all teeth are missing

What is this type of recovery? The prosthesis is fixed by means of metal caps with Teflon seals located inside the prosthesis, without being visible. This type of restoration allows the patient for good aesthetics and function (nutrition). The prosthesis is REMOVABLE, it can be removed for cleaning. The prosthesis is made of plastic with a set of ready-to-wear plastic teeth.