The care of children’s teeth should start in the first year with the eruption of deciduous teeth and visits every 6 months to monitor the occurrence of caries, proper eruption and bite, bad habit or inflammation of the gums. Prevention is the most important, so we visually explain with a model and a brush and describe how to properly wash and clean children’s teeth and oral cavity.

For us at the AllDental Clinic, children and the care of children’s teeth is a priority and a mission. During the visits to the clinic, we motivate and train the parents as well.

In the waiting room, we are preparing a children’s playground with toys and literature to predispose our little patients. The most important thing for us is for the child to be calm and to know that the doctor is his faithful friend.

Our team, led by Trayana and Dimitar, carried out educational theater productions for teenagers, where we fascinatingly and childishly explain what caries is, what can prevent them from appearing, how to eat healthily, and what hygiene habits they should acquire.