Route: Sofia

Price: 2109 €

4 Implants with denture of 12 teeth

A suitable method of treatment for:

  • Patients with a bone loss
  • Patients in which all teeth are missing

What is this type of recovery?

The prosthesis is fixed by means of metal caps with Teflon seals located inside the prosthesis, without being visible. This type of restoration allows the patient for good aesthetics and function (nutrition). The prosthesis is REMOVABLE, it can be removed for cleaning.
The prosthesis is made of plastic with a set of ready-to-wear plastic teeth.

Time for manufacture?

Please send us a photo and description of your case. Within the day you will receive an answer on how long your treatment will be.
The recovery method is more budget-friendly, cheaper than other solutions.

Sofia is an ancient city, built on the ruins of the Roman settlement known as Serdica. In the centuries since then, it has grown and matured, to become a busy, colorful metropolis filled with the cultures of many people and many ages. On our Sofia day excursions, we’re going to take a closer look – getting under the skin of this fascinating city, and enjoying everything that it has to offer!

Private Walking Sofia City Tour (2.5 – 3 hours)

Explore the Bulgarian capital for a few hours with this Sofia city tour. During the walking Sofia tour, your private tour guide will show you both the most famous landmarks of Sofia and hidden gems (markets, bars, viewpoints, and more).

  • Pick up from your hotel at a convenient time
  • Visit the historical center of Sofia and the most interesting sights (2:00 – 3:00 hours walking tour)

Visit the St. Nedelya square; Nedelya church; St Sofia Monument; St. Petka Church; The old Serdika Ruins; The mineral springs; The council of ministers; The Rotunda “Saint George”; The Presidency; The mosque “Banya Bashi”; The National archaeology museum (not going inside); The National Bank of Bulgaria; Knyaz Alexander Battenberg Square; The King’s palace; The Russian church; St. Sofia Church; The National Theater; The Monument of the “unknown soldier”; The Alexander Nevski Memorial Church; The city garden; The Museum of Sofia.

  • Drop off at any location in the city